What Makes You Say That
Connections and Extension

What Makes You Say That? is a simple and flexible routine can be used in combination with almost any routine. Use it as a way to ask students to expand on their ideas or to explain their thinking and reasoning by simply using the phrase "What makes you say that?" as a follow up question, in general conversation, and in written work.

Have students practice different ways of using the routine. For example, use it with Think Pair Share to practice giving evidence with a partner. Create work sheets that remind students to explain their reasons by asking "What makes you say that?". In a whole group discusion document student ideas on a chart that clearly lists Interpretation and Justification.

Experiment with different ways to document students' thinking from the routine. Try videoing or audio taping the routine in action and asking studnets to look or listen for evidence during the conversation. Writing ideas on post-it notes is always a good option as students' individual ideas can be shared with the class. Students can also experiement with drawing their reasons or acting them out.