Circle of Viewpoints
Connections and Extension

Students perform their ideas in the circle, therefore making their thinking visible to the class. Their ideas can be recorded or written on the board so that a class list of viewpoints is created. The last question of the routine asks students to think of a question they might have from their chosen viewpoint. Collect these questions or ask students to write them down and answer them as they think more about the topic as it is studied in class.

Use the routine in small groups or ask students to perform in pairs. Try an abbreviated form that asks students to just quickly think of a “circle of viewpoints” during a discussion.

The “characters” created can later be expanded or developed more fully through more acting or writing. You can also ask students to draw or create objects they might see from their chosen viewpoints or to think about things or objects that might represent their viewpoints. It is possible to connect this to other routines, such as Tug of War, too.