Hot Spots: Pictures of Practice
What does the routine look like in action?

Using the routine to explore a the topic of Islam

Ulrica Andersson, grade 9 Lemshaga Akademi

As part of their study of Mediterranean religions, students in Ulrica Andersson's 9th grade used the Hot Spots routine to identify and clarify their ideas about Islam and Muslims. Below is a list of statements generated by the class, and a diagram that document students' thinking. The statements were placed along the line of the continuum from true to false. Students then used the vertical axis to show how the statement's importance and to figure out how important it was to know the truth of that statement.

At first, many misconceptions about the topic were evident. As the ideas were placed on the line and debated, students became more aware of the subjective nature of their views and claims. Several ideas were relocated and it became apparent that there were many ideas that they needed to find out the truth about. A list of questions to investigate was generated for future research during the unit of study.

Student list of ideas about Islam:

  1. Osama Bin Ladin's soldiers are muslims
  2. Saddam tortured muslims
  3. Muslim family decide who their children will marry
  4. * Muslimes are brainwashed to be terrorists
  5. * Muslims often beat their children
  6. There are many terrorosts in Muslim countries
  7. A married female muslim is not allowed to show their face
  8. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol
  9. Most Muslims are very religious
  10. Muslims seldom do gymnastics
  11. Muslims in Afganistahn were not allowed to watch foreign TV programs
  12. Women are wearing burka/headcloth
  13. * Muslims don’t eat pork
  14. Most Mulsims live in Turkey
  15. Muslims brainwash those who they want to use
  16. * Muslims want to take the power in Sweden
  17. Muslims are in alliance with Bin Ladin
  18. All muslims are dark-skinned
  19. WTC-terrorists were Muslims
  20. Most terrorists have religious reasons

Example of documentation created duringhte Hot Spots rotuine about Islam