Creative Questions: Pictures of Practice
What does the routine look like in action?

Using the routine to explore books
Lotta Norell, grade 6, Lemshaga Ackademi

Lotta Norell's language arts class has been discussing books in a broad sense. They talked about the parts of and in a book. Together they brainstormed questions about books using the Creative Questions routine.

Examples of student questions:

What if….

There were no books

Only children were allowed to read books

What would happen if…

You only could read books by your computer?

All books had the same size?

What would change if…

There only were pictures in a book?

What would happen if the book was made of metal (or plastic/rubber/fabirc/steam?stones/sticks/fur/hair/clay/cardboard/ holograms/concrete/human parts/porcelain?

Lotta noticed that students became very interested in exploring the idea of alternative materials for constructing books and decided to capitalize on the enthusiasm. Students spent some more time brainstorming ideas about book materials. What would happen if books were made this way? What would it be like to read such a book?

Students cam up with innovative ideas. For example, when thinking about the question What if a book was made of glass? one groups of students suggested that :

It would have a heavy weight, it would be transparent and maybe difficult to read. It would have very thick pages otherwise it would break into pieces. It would not be good for children, too fragile. it would be very expensive. Have loose pages. You would have to wash your hands before reading or there would be a lot of fingerprints on the pages.

In order to explore their ideas further, students worked in groups and created short skits about their unusal book.