Me You Space Time: The MYST Routine
A routine to help teachers prepare and reflect on making thinking visible.

Me: How do I make my own thinking visible?

You: How do I make my students’ thinking visible?

Space: How is space in the classroom organized to help
facilitate thinking?

Time: How do I give thinking time? How does thinking develop over time?

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One way to structure reflection on your efforts to make thinking visible in your classroom is to step into the MYST: Me, You, Space, Time. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I (Me) making my own thinking visible for students? How and when do I display the habits of mind and thinking dispositions I want students to develop?
  • How is the thinking of students (You) made visible to me and the rest of the class? When and where do students share their thinking? Do I have a sense that I know what students' thinking is on our current topic of study? Am I able to see their thinking develop? How can I get more access to this thinking? As a class, do we examine and discuss the thinking of others?
  • How is thinking displayed in the physical setting of my classroom (Space)? Could a visitor to my classroom see students' thinking? What artifacts of thinking do I put up on the wall? What records of thinking to I keep? Who has access to these records? Are the ideas and issues we are exploring and our efforts at developing understanding on display in the classroom? How can I use the space to make my thinking and that of students visible for examination, discussion, and reflection?
  • What are the opportunities for thinking in my classroom (Time)? How much time do students really spend in meaningful thought around the issues and topics we are exploring? Are homework assignments and classwork infused with opportunities for thinking? How can I increase their thoughtfulness?